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a.k.a "franny" or "franny k". its a small ass school in fresh meadows/flushing thats filled with pot heads. Its so overpopulated to the point where you go to class, the hallways are packed af and you can barely move. The strip hallway on the first floor is lit. The security is so stupid that you can do juul or vape in school and they wouldn't care. Most of china's population goes to this school. Nicks food truck is so good but if you eat too much you start to have terrible trips to the bathroom
yo we watching the game at Francis Lewis Highschool?
yea don't forget to bring your juul.
finna be lit
by fukouttahereee January 23, 2018
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Francis Lewis High school is a school located in Fresh Meadows right by Utopia Parkway, often referred to as "Franny" It's a school full of potheads and juul feens. Most of the asians from China come to this school and there's no way you won't see an Asian in this school wherever you go. Franny is one of the most populated schools in Queens and the kids are pretty chill. The cops and security there are all retarded because anybody can vape in class or outside and they wouldn't even care. It's also really nasty since there be bugs and squirrels falling out of the ceilings. You can't say you go to Franny if you don't know what Nick's food truck is. Period.
Guy 1: Yo where do you go

Guy 2: Francis Lewis Highschool

Guy 1: Oh word? Franny? Shit man that place nasty.
by Lettuce pettucini December 20, 2017
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Francis Lewis High School is a school located in Queens, New York. It's full of asians that hopped off the immigration train from china to this nasty ass school. The principal is a blue berry who loves trying to break up fights but always gets clapped. It's also full of thots who get a new mans every week. It also collectively features rats that love crawling up your pants in the first floor. It's full of ghetto white people who try so hard to act black. The strip is always fun and lit. The bathrooms are full of rejects/losers who love skipping class so they can cry about where they went wrong in their lives.
Guy 1: Ayo, what school you reppin?
Guy 2: Francis Lewis High School
Guy 1: Why you go to a school in china?
Guy 2: Idk
by SuckabignutXD February 22, 2019
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