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According to the furry fandom, "Foxy Fluffs are Cock Warmers (for their Wolf Furry counterparts)," which has spawned numerous variations. "Foxy Fluffs are ___________" or the popular "Foxy Fluffs are EVERYTHING,"

this phrase came along because in a gay relationship, the submissives (ones who take it) were usually foxy fluffs, or, in the case of straight relationships, usually the foxy fluff was a girl.
Fox Furry: i love my wolfie!
Wolf Furry: i love my foxy!
Fox Furry: <3
Wolf Furry: I love my cockwarmer!
Fox Furry: Oh Murr <3

Wolf furry to other Wolf furry: my Foxy Fluff is the best cockwarmer ever! He is so GOOD...!
Other Wolf Furry: Well so is mine, she is so HELPFUL with it all, too!
by MightyenaArcanineFanatic November 14, 2010
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A diminishing or demeaning phrase commonly used to refer to furries, similar to how Jap is used to Japanese people.
Those damn foxyfluffs are at it again, I swear.
by Dumkoffs June 03, 2010
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