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A four joto is the energy/alcoholic beverage that all the fags love. Its a low calorie four loko. It has either 11% or 12% alcohol and has plenty caffeine. It comes in a few different flavors. They all taste pretty gross. Watch out for these unless your gay and not loko. Remember four lokos are for lokos and four jotos are for jotos.
Loko: Eyy vato lets go to dah liqour and get sum 4Lokos
Joto: 4Lokos? are you like thooper duper crazy or something?
Loko: Yeahh homes im loko for the 4Lokos maynee. you not down with us?
Joto: I only drink Four Jotos
Loko: Oh what the fuck homie, your a fucking joto?! I bust caps in their asses *pulls out a 4loko and a gat.. blam blam
*Weeeeewoooweeeewoooo* get on the ground you loko!
by mikeytheedino August 10, 2010
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