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A overwhelmingly conservative Kentucky city with a population of about 17000 that is three miles south of Cincinnati.About half of the town's population consists of blonde rich mothers who drive SUVS and Range Rovers, yet still complain about gas. The town is almost completely white and crazy pro life republican, though a few minorities and liberals can be spotted on the notorious South Side of Town. The teenagers of the town go to high school at either Highlands or Newport Catholic and for the most part think that they are thugs even though their mothers drive them everywhere. The Cops will pull you over and search you if you go one mile over the speed limit or look like you are from the god forsaken towns of Dayton or Newport. Fort Thomas is safe, but snooty.
"Dude, the lady in the Suburban with the Bush '04 sticker won't stop staring at me, she must've never seen a black person, typical Fort Thomas."
by Lars Whalen June 17, 2008
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