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From the 1980s to the early 2000s, gang violence was so common Fort Worth was nicknamed “Murder Worth.”

Gang shootings happened every night. The gang activity was so high the TV show “COPS” came to Fort Worth to film.

The TV show cops came to Fort Worth in the 1980s and 1990s, because they had a much higher probability of catching some action on their camera due to high levels of gang activity.

The gang violence was a staple in many families with the most notorious being, William's, Stone's, Sneed, Ewing's, Ross, Henderson and Gibson families respectively. All of these families where deeply involved in gang violence and targeted by the police due to their continued gang ties.

Every weekend there was a ritual, which started at what was then called the Aragon Ballroom. Gang members would meet at the ballroom, where a shoot-out would usually ensue. It was in one of these incidents

Fights between the different gangs in Fort Worth were commonplace.

About 25 years ago, 201 individuals were murdered in gang-related instances, including 55 young people in one year, in Fort Worth

The most active street gangs in Fort Worth are the Crips, Sureños, Bloods and Latin Kings, according to TDPS.

Currently, there are 75 documented and confirmed active gangs with 2,711 active members in Fort Worth, said Jesus Alaniz Fort Worth Police Department sergeant and Gang Enforcement Team Two supervisor.
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by Lasrdon May 17, 2018
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