Guy 1: Hey, what kind of computer did you get?

Guy 2: I got an apple! They look so damn sexy and they come with exclusive applications, like Safari!

Guy 1: You're a dumbass dude

Guy 2: Why?

Guy 1: All Apple does is make nice looking products, they have terrible performance issues. They're all about aesthetics, not performance. If that isn't a classic case of form over function, I don't know what is.
by JmacJeezy November 5, 2010
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Ok so, I have an Apple TV. And I've been watching Harvey Birdman, and every morning I wake up and I sit on my recliner just to watch the program that Brett Buck calls "Must-see TV". It's all fun, good- and... fun until I try to get up or my cat bites my penis and I get scared, start flailing around. Then the TV remote falls into the cushions, and I have to get up and spend the next 10 minutes looking for this tiny piece of garbage. This is the definition of "form over function": a touchpad that's too sensitive dd-d--s-s-d-- it's so fucking thin it phases through matter. I hate this object, this is the bane of my incredibly uninteresting life.
Person 1: Hey what cool new thing did you buy?
Person 2: An Apple TV
1: That thing is the literal definition of form over function...
by WackyH May 12, 2021
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