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The ghetto-est city in all of Georgia... It's a black hole that sucks you in and never lets you out.

Full of ignorant, retarded people that have nothing better to do with their time but shoot up and crash parties.
The schools are shit. And the teachers suck.

Again, the worst city in all of Georgia.
But some of these dumbasses still rep Forest Park till they die.
Or ClayCo for that matter..
Zone Three? HAHA
Bullshit my friends.

Nothing good comes out of here,
So get out while you can!
Sara: Hey, i'm gonna go visit my granny down in Forest Park Georgia this weekend. Wanna come?

Shiniqua: Hell nah girl! I ain't tryna get my ass shot down der!
by fuckmylifeinforestpark September 21, 2009
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