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A foreskin belt is quite the ingenious device for men who's foreskin simply does not have the snap back that it once did. The application of the standard foreskin belt is typically obtained through the use of Krazy Glue or one of its many imitators. All an individual has to do is hold the skin in the desired place with an alligator clamp or the like and wrap his custard cannons tip in the provided belt material, once the belt is at the required tension and position he will then apply the glue for an everlasting bond and shall never have to deal with stepping on his foreskin again!
Random Jick: Hey dude from the Enzyte commercials why are you so sad?

Enzyte Guy: Well i used my fine product so muich my cock sheath is all saggy and streched out. :(

Random Jick: Well your in luck, i just happen to have this fantastic new product that well fix you up in the wink of an eye. Its a FORESKIN BELT!

Enzyte Guy: Holy fucking shit your right my prick is feelin' fine! And i no longer need worry about getting it caught in the chain in my tandem bicycle! Thank Jickhead
by Jixsta Von Kike January 31, 2010
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