- The primary cause of the Forerunner Conflict is the requisitioning of Forerunner technology for usage in economic and military applications with the problem of access to this technology being limited; the secondary cause is desire to control all of human-occupied space.
- There are two primary human factions as well as a host of smaller ones not limited to Humanity. The major two are the Royal Enforcers Deployment Division (also known as the REDD Army or the Empire) and the Brotherhood Legion of United Exiles (also known as the BLUE Army or the Brotherhood); they are the foremost participants in the Forerunner Conflict.
- In terms of where legacies lie, the Empire has it's roots in the ashes of United Nations Space Command and the United Earth Government. The Brotherhood has it's origins in an Outer Colony political movement and the naval and ground elements of the Imperial Military that defected to it's cause in the early stages of the Forerunner Conflict.
- The Empire is much better funded and operates more efficiently than the Brotherhood. However, it's military forces are equipped to fight a conventional war against a conventional enemy. Thus, the Brotherhood's mixture of open engagements and guerrilla tactics has proved devastating to Imperial forces.
- In a rough estimate, the Empire controls 85% of the Inner Colonies and 25% of the Outer Colonies firmly; accordingly, the Brotherhood controls 15% of the Inner Colonies and 75% of the Outer Colonies firmly.
hey, there is this cool site called Forerunner Conflict and they are recruiting. there is the R.E.D.D Army and theB.L.U.E army.
by xxXENOPIRATExx April 4, 2013
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