An act in which a someone will beg, lick, suck, smell, jerk-off to a females feet (usually a male) the female will most likely be teasing the male that is supposed to be very loyal to the female
She laid me down on the bed and sat down with her socks right next to my feet and told me to smell them, i smelled her cute little feet with her pink and black socks, then she asked me to whip out my cock and i did so, she then took off her feet and i saw her smooth cute feet, i just wanted to lick them and to my surprise she pressed them against my face and told me to sniff and lick her beautiful feet , "you like that foot lover" she said, she then stopped and asked me to beg for her feet, i love doing some foot worship
by slyashell April 9, 2020
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to worship ones feet, But the feet must be deserved to be worshiped. i.e a rich women deserves to have her feet worshiped as she is better than us. only mistresses can have the feet worshiped
mistress: Slave my feet are abit sweaty worship and clean them, now! i need my daily foot worship

slave: yes my goddess of a mistress
by slaveboy870 July 28, 2008
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