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The "fool" part retaining its original meaning, the "pie" part being totally different. "Fool Pie" is a statement to be used when pissed off or whatever. basically meaning "thats fucking foolish" From fool pie came many other pie statements including "fussy pie" which became famous because of its similiarity to the *naughty word* pussy pie and hairy pie.. for similar reasons. also when tryig to convince someone to join you in something "come pie"..
also, it ends an argument, whoever is quick enough to use the pie extension. however, one must allow the other person chance to use fool pie.
valid usage 1:

1. "we cant go cause i have to look after my brother"
2. "fool pie!"

invalid usage 1:

1. "your a fool pie" (fool pie is not a noun)

valid usage 2:

1. "fool!"
2. "im no fool!"
1. "Fool Pie!!"
2. "....." (defeated silence)

valid usage 2:

1. "fool!"
2. "Im no fool. Fool pie!" pause (.) give peer chance to use fool pie. on msn, it should be sent as two IM's

invalid usage 2:
1. "fool!"
2. "fool pie!" (no chance is given for the other person to use fool pie. therfore the dissagreement is unfairly won and the power of fool pie is abused.
by Dom Moon April 14, 2007
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