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A condition contracted by those exposed for prolonged periods in foggy conditions.

After being in fog for an extended period of time (commonly no more than 2 minutes) individuals may become disorientated and confused. Unable to retain their focus individuals may begin to enter a 'crazed' like state, running in short bursts in random directions. If unable to escape the fog an individual may begin to run in circles, shrieking, until eventually attempting to burrow into the very ground they are standing on.

If someone is seen in this state then it is already too late to save them, they now think they are a ‘screwdriver’ and will proceed to burrow head-first into the ground. Any attempt to stop them may result in violent attacks and it is advised that you should stand clear.

In the early stages symptoms consist of rash decisions, often wandering in random directions and a glaze seen over the eye. Later symptoms include foaming at the mouth, loud shrieking and the inevitable 'screwdriver' state of mind!
That, son, is a serious case of 'fog craze', we best get out of here.
by Foggyman May 16, 2011
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