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The flying tea-bag, commonly refered to as the F.T.B., is one of the most devestating attacks/acts of douchbaggery in existence to date. Do Not Attempt This Without A Trained Proffesional!!! BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS, HARD FLOORS, OR GROUND CAN RESULT IN SERIOUSE INJURY OR DEATH.

In order to perform an FTB one must get their groin up to atleast the mark's chin level. You catch their head between your legs, with your legs splayed into a Y. Hit with enough momentum to bring them to the ground, and as they are going down, land on your feet and run off into the sunset. They rack their head and you accomplished something magical.
I was comin down the stairs and zach came around the bottom, not paying attention. I swung off the railing, caught him in forehead with a beautiful flying tea bag (ftb) and he went down flailing. I hit the ground standing and ran off into the sunset.
by RevLevi July 02, 2009
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