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Similar to the normal flubert greeting but this time involving three participants.

Any of the group members can initiate the flubert trifecta by simply yelling "Trifecta!" thus alerting the other members that they have by chance all congregated in one area.

They will rejoice in this moment of serendipity by extending their elbows in front of them and holding their flubert like an arrow straight ahead.

The three fluberts meet in one single point in space creating a triangle which is the strongest shape in nature. The thumb also extends back pointing to ones self to remind them who they are.

Be aware of the sometimes magical powers released in a trifecta. Some say the tri-bond will make you best brothers for life!
Man 1: Flubert Trifecta!

Man 2: INITIATE!!!

Man 3: I can feel our life forces becoming one!
by apacketofsoysauce August 08, 2012
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