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The term Flow Stogie originates from the word stogie, which is slang for cigar.

This term itself is another word for tampon.

How this term was conceived was through noticing that a tampon looks awfully much like a cigar, though white in color.

Another reason for this nickname was developed, as the blood of a used tampon can be the lit end of a cigar. Tis quite disgusting, yet so funny.

The phrase is fun to say, and most of the time, majority of the people you say it around will have no clue what it means, and thats when you let them in.

Behold: the Flow Stogie.
Guy #1: My chick is on the rag right now.
Guy #2: Bummer. She on those Flow Stogies?
Guy #1: What in the hell is a Flow Stogie?
Guy #2: A tampon.
Guy #1: Kinda nast...
Guy #2: Yeah, Kinda...
by C. Altmix-Lotz January 24, 2007
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