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1) A group of people that have African descent. Found in online multi-players such as CoD or GoW. Usually have at least one or two very vocal members or "leaders" of the flock. They are usually quite docile but will verbally abuse you when they feel threatened. Their usual insults usually pertain to the persons sexuality, or mother.

2) More than one Negro.
1) And here we see a whole flock of Negri in their natural habitat. This is a very rare sight, we must remember to stay far away as to not aggravate them, doing so could cause injury to one's intelligence


Gamer 1 "So, I ran into a whole flock of Negri last night on CoD."
Gamer 2 "All alone? Are you ok?"
Gamer 1 "I don't really feel like talking about it right now."
by ColdFusion2013 June 07, 2011
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