The saddest fanfic of all time! Read it on AO3 by audreyheart

A: have you read Flightless Bird?

B: isn’t that the one that had you sobbing for 4 hours after you read it?

A: Yeah, and?
B: I value my mental health
by Larrybaby September 6, 2021
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A woman over the age of 28, whom is usually but not exclusively, physically unattractive that has failed to obtain AND retain a male mate of ANY value, be him of physical, intellectual, sexually, socially or financially noteworthy. She has been deemed a loser in the sexual market place and will result to shaming both men and women whom are more succesfull than her in the arena of love, sex, and companionship.
Steve: Alexis the HR supervisor is always in a bad mood.
For her 34th birthday we threw her a suprise birthday pary and bought her a new dog carrier for her pet yorky. She said that the gesture was nice but she doesn't need any body buying her anything and that her personal life was of no one's concern.

Karen: She has been bitter since Chad left her 6 yrs ago for a hooters girl. I feel bad for her. She's a flightless bird and holds a grudge against anything with a penis... besides that hopefully
by LegendKilla February 10, 2019
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