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This is when two members of a party (Could be Male + Male, or Male + Female) get a bottle of rubbing alcohol, the one member proceeds to dab some on a cloth,and rub the cloth around the rim of the others asshole.
Then the receiver pans out with his (Or her) ass in the hair, while the other is positioned in a harness attached to a crane and is lifted approx 30 feet in the air, and is dropped at the sound of a horn.
On the way down, the falling member tries desperately to light his penis on fire, and if successful, catches the asshole of the other member on fire, then the objective is to put out the fire by humping, before serious injuries occur.
Ridge: Hey bro, me and my bitch are getting bored with our sex life, any ideas?

Nick: Nigga, you ever tried the flaming bulldozer?
by Etarc January 11, 2012
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