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A five foot walkway is generally the width of a walkway during the British colonial era, be it a sheltered corridor or otherwise. However, the width can vary, but still be called a "five foot walkway".

In this context, an inconsiderate asshole who walks in such a way to take up most of the walkway as to make others have to squeeze past them on the walkway so as not to step into a drain or against a barrier that are on the sides.

Most of the time, these assholes walk side by side in groups, and others have to keep saying "excuse me" in order to get past the blockage.
Man: Damn those three skinny girls make that 12 foot wide pathway look so damn squeezy. The heck they think they are?

Woman: Tsk... Each of those girls is a five foot asshole.
by BShigure January 27, 2011
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