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Cloud's blade in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. it consists of 6 separate swords that attach onto onto the fourth main sword. Cloud uses these blades in both fully combined and using two at the same time as dual wielding, though he prefers the full version. The blade seems to be extremely strong as it as able to cut though concrete and create enough friction to also send in flames upon contact. Because of the First Tsurgi cloud is able to reach a new level of his ultimate limit break (limit break=special attack) called Omnislash Version 5 in which he seperates all the blades and surrounds the enemy in mid-air allowing cloud to slash at the enemy with each blade going at superhuman speeds. the First Tsurgi can also be used to describe any sword that has other, attachable swords or 1 sword is really just multiple diffrent swords.
Man he seperated the First Tsurgi into 6 swords!
by Dean1427 January 27, 2008
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