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adjective 1: Feeling of being excited and nervous at the same time.
Etymology: The word Firdaten is a pseudo-Germanic word created by rather violently smashing the words first and date together so hard that the “st” in the word “first” was obliterated. The “e” on the end of “date” was knocked completely off due to the transference of momentum. Then to add insult to injury the “en” was added to the end of the word to make it sound as if it were a lovely German word.
If in fact it sounds like a lovely German word, it would probably be the first word that sounds German that sounds lovely, as the German language is simply an atrocious sounding language.
At any rate the word was coined by thunder bear of the courage family (who is a mostly useless man with delusions of grandeur) after hearing an episode of “A way with words”.
Firdaten \ ˈfər-dāt-ᵊn \ adjective : A sixteen year old girl felt firdaten about her about her first date with a boy she knew.
Of, course if she knew that this boy was a time traveler and her cousin she might feel both firdaten and maybe a little repulsed at the same time.
But, this was on the land known as alabama, so who knows?
After all to paraphrase a line in Family Guy, “alabama is the mississippi of the galaxy.
Which of course is a rather peculiar thing for me to say, since i am a Flat Eather.
by Won'tallowmyrealname May 08, 2018
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