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using any sheet of paper, the fink fold is an easy and quick way to effectively hold marijuana, it is nearly impossible for the weed to fall out.

the fold is done by doing a series of simple folds:
1. fold the paper in half (bottom meeting top of sheet)
2. hold horizontally, then fold the right side halfway
3. fold the left side on top

4. hold vertically, fold bottom halfway
5. fold both corners at the top halfway so both corners meet
6. press the edges of the bottom half to create an opening
7. fold the top half into this opening
8. flatten to secure

legit brilliance.
Drugee A:"FUCK MAN i dropped the sesh pape...."

Drugee B:"dont worry man, its a fink fold, none of the weed is falling out of that one"
by westsesh November 30, 2011
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