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A novel written by Kelli James Klymenko.

Herakleopolis, Egypt - 4235 BC
Nehkre Sentia, the keeper of ancient mysteries, was entombed alive in an act of gruesome violence by the priests of the Kher Heb. Her name was removed from all known tablets and scrolls.

Manhattan, New York - 2005 AD
Statues are found with the inscription "Nehkre Sentia."

Finding Angels - is the first installment of the Spirit Exodus Trilogy. In the process of becoming a feature film, Finding Angels chronicles the interconnecting journeys of seven individuals, guided by an ancient spirit - Nehkre Sentia. Gabriel, haunted by her presence since early childhood, accepts his destiny and attempts to fulfill it - along with his sister Monica and her friend Regina, he races against time and the unknown, now aware that they are being secretly monitored by elite groups that desire to thwart the spirit's plan. Guided only by visions and dreams, these travelers journey across entire countries only to meet by chance where they join with four more, and together embark on a spellbinding quest resulting in realizations of spectacular lost truths.

That which has been, shall be again.
Finding Angels is the first installment in the Spirit Exodus Trilogy.
by Jonathan Randal September 12, 2006
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