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The final confrontation in a piece of fiction is when the main protagonist has to face the main villain. Final confrontations are usually built up and become rivalries when the protagonist tries to be reasonable with a character and they don't take it too tell, become the villain. Compare this to the transparent villain who was mean all along.

Some final confrontations are:

1. The antagonist has been hiding something from the protagonist during the entire length of the plot. The protagonist finds news articles detailing the antagonist's shady past.

2. The protagonist has to face a self-truth and their connection to the villain.

3. When the protagonist has completely exposed the villain as fraudulent, the villain makes a sociopathic verbal vow to ruin the protagonist villain once and for all. It's the "I trusted you" speech.
Person: Gabriel and Montreux are having a bit of a scuff.
Other person: What's going on???
Person: Oh, they're having a final confrontation.
by Lea Blair October 11, 2013
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