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This is another name for Final Fantasy 8... so given due the 8's broken-ass Junction system, broken-ass limit break system, and lackluster cast. The entire game can be beaten by leaving your group with low health and spamming limit breaks over and over and over until you defeat the last form of the final boss... that's it! That's the only strategy you will ever need to play it! The characters don't even get any equipment in this one, just different weapons... everything is handled, rather omnipotently, by the Junction system, so you don't even have to think.

Never mind the fact that the game is first set at a school, who the fuck thought that would be a good idea? Sort of defeats the purpose of cutting class to play it, I might add.

It's only redeeming quality was that if you decided to see it through to the end, men in white coats would come, sent by the government, to take you some place special. Anyone who defends FF8 on a message board needs to be immediately reminded that the worst sniper in the whole world becomes your strongest party member apart from the hero, and then bitchslapped across the face with the strategy guide they got suckered into buying.
Me: Hey dude, you like the FF series, you tried Final Fantasy Crap?
Dude: Which one are you referring to? Because if you say six I will beat the shit out of you.
Me: Haha... Fucking eight, of course... it was worse than playing Legend of Dragoon twice!
by Just a humble opinionated soul December 17, 2009
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