A bizarre act of sexual deviance in which one party, male or female, lays facedown on a foosball table and has a plastic replica Star Wars lightsaber toy inserted into their rectum. A pool ball of any color is then inserted into his or her mouth. Following these preparations, a previously prepared mixture consisting of one quart melted vanilla ice cream and one quart human feces is poured over the nape of the subjects neck. Finally, four assistants must rapidly rotate the rows of foosball players that the initial subject is lying on, causing great sexual excitement to the subject. Furthermore, all parties present must be wearing an authentic German standard-issue World War I helmet, complete with the decorative spike on top.
Not to be confused with the Clean Ricardo, in which the helmets are optional.
Bob: I got a Filthy Ricardo yesterday.
Rickard: God dammit why do you always tell me about this shit
by lezahhmedoug May 6, 2008
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