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To perform this maneuver you must first be entering your partner from the doggie style position, Just before the man milk is projected through the beef straw you must grab a plastic bag and quickly place it over the head of your unsuspecting partner and firmly fasted it by making a fist with the plastic behind the head. After securing the bag in a single motion swing around until you are facing your partner face to face. Next using your fist or a blunt object strike your partner in the face or about the head hard enough that they begin to see stars. Finally you release the bag and with your right foot kick them in the chest knocking them back on the bed lying on their back , straddle your partner in a manner that your cock is in there face and your sitting on their chest with your knee on their ears now release deploy your man milk across their eyes and your partner will see nothing but the milky way.
Sweetheart, If you dont stop staring at that guys cock Im goin to take you home and give you a Filthy Astronaut
by JoeWilly 1972 February 15, 2009
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