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The most horrible, mind-numbing, teeth-gritting, hair-pulling cipher that has been introduced to the general public. (Personally, I have taken to calling it The Water Temple cipher after the ever infamous Legend of Zelda Water Temple.)

Seen in Jadusable's Majora's Mask Haunted Cartridge ARG that began in early September of 2010, this cipher was introduced to the general population that makes up the ARG in the late part of September/early part of October. As of October 26, 2010, no one has been able to decipher this code to date.

Many people have spent weeks on this cipher, just to end up nowhere, and everyone spoken to about this cipher has said they 'died a little inside' after trying to solve this cipher.
Hey, have you ever heard of this thing? It's called the "File 59 cipher"...


"File 59 cipher"...? OH MY GOD, GET THAT AWAY FROM ME! /nukez the file/
by 59sucks October 26, 2010
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