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A young woman who belongs to the surname: Field. Usually is a hick farmer who persistently enters crops and animals into county fairs. A Field Girl is extremely skilled and experienced in the art of mud wrestling. Fake teeth and missing teeth are also common.
"Them damn field girls be running through my corn yards and causin' all sorts a ruckus! I have half a mind to call the sheriff! If they're parents won't domesticate them, I will!"
by Norge4444 November 20, 2009
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A field girls are race of clones that were all created via holister, jack wills and abercrombie and fich.

They all look practically the same, with their sand coloured hair that's never brushed and bow legs.

They usually wear daisy dukes with ripped tights and lace up ankle boots from river island or topshop.
They think they're vintage, but they're just not.

They are posh, rich, slaggy, horse owners who are rather stuck up. They are slowly repopulating the Earth.

Person 1: "Georgia got a new jack wills hoodie today!"
Person 2: "She's such a field girl."
by SajjHRNZ August 20, 2011
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