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The new rave going on in England. Like Football, Fetus punting ais a sport that was created in the odl country a long tiem ago, when a new born fetus was plopped fresh from the woemns womb. once it is discovered out of the womb, a bell is rung throughout the town, gathering all the sportsman to get onto a 100 Yard Feild. Thus, like football, they take the fetus in their hands and hold it out in fornt of them, they then punt the fetus as far as they can until it is in the field goal area. Known i nthe Old country as, Clorpenshopin.

Earl- " Clorpenshopin, clorpenshopin! the fetus has arrived, gather the players"
Bob- "YES! Its officially fetus punting season, i must now go get my cleats!"
Ashley-" Blue 42, blue 42, hut hut PUNT!"
by OnWingsOfLead March 20, 2007
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