Felis domesticus aka the House Cat. The highest form of life on Earth. Has used hypnotic powers of cuteness to enslave Homo sapiens to provide it with food and shelter, and, most importantly, a life of total freedom and leisure.
Canis familiaris saw what great success Felis domesticus had with enslaving the Homo sapiens primates, and almost accomplished the same feat with their similar powers of hypnotic cuteness, however, for some reason, the canines, for the most part, did not end up with the same levels of freedom as their feline counterparts, making them, in our opinion, the second smartest spieces on planet Earth, followed by Homo sapiens in a distant third place.

P.S. A late breaking development: A much more rare spieces, the ferret, may be tied with Canis familiaris for 2nd place in the planet Earth Intelligence Quotient, more details will be given upon further investigation.