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A college in Rutherford NJ. The education here is great and teachers really care for you. All the students are really nice and you will probably make friends with in the first week. The school lacks in its party scene because of the 24/7 security and the absence of a Greek life. When there are parties which is almost never there either at the baseball apartments, Soccer house or the suites. 80% of the school drinks according to a survey. Its extremely easy to bring alcohol into the dorms and most of the RA's don't give a shit . If your over 21 there are 2 bars a couple blocks away where students go. Or you can buy the alcohol at the local liquor store but the dont check ID. Students usually create there own fun and mini parties.But most students party at Rutgers instead. This place is fucking dead on the weekends, so everybody goes home. Finding pot here is way to easy and almost everyone deals. This school is 80% women but most are lesbians or weird as shit.This is a private school so its expensive as fuck.Most of the students here have scholarships or play a sport. The schools basketball team is actually really ,Students also have good school spirt for a small school. The dorms are small but at least you share one bathroom with another pair of roommates. Most students transfer out within the first 2 years to a bigger NJ college like Rutgers or Rowan.
Person 1: You go to Felician College...I never heard about that place how do you like it?
Person 2: Its ok, you can get drunk everyday and go to class and do decently.
by The Felician King March 12, 2010
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