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A small town next to Agawam. For some fucking reason, Agawam thinks Feeding Hills is its bitch, because AGAWAM JUNIOR HIGH is in fucking Feeding Hills. The ZIP codes aren't right next to each other, either! 01001 and 01030. They couldn't have picked a closer number if they're gonna act like they're the same fucking town? Anne Sullivan was born here. Her house is now two ugly shades of purple. It's at the busiest part of the town, too. It got turned into a fucking Dunkin' Donuts. I guess they realized how retarded that was. It's some kinda realtor place now. Not that anyone gives a shit, though. Also, in front of one of the schools, there's a bronze statue that looks like it's made of shit.
Feeding Hills, MA is one of the most insignificant towns ever. Seriously. It's fucking sad.
by Blawkii December 18, 2010
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