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A man who believes he is respectful of women, convinces them he is their friend and proceeds to get angry when romantic feelings are not reciprocated by said female friend. The fedora douche has no interest in actually respecting the female as a friend; he manipulates them in order to get their guard down and moves in when they are at their weakest. When denied reciprocation, they complain about being friend-zoned and proceed to verbally attack the female "friend".
" 'She friend-zoned me again dude!!! '
'Dont be a fedora douche, the friend-zone doesn't exist' "

" ' I was so nice to her, listened, was her friend, and she won't have sex with me! What a bitch'

'You're starting to sound like a fedora douche, man' "
by SunnyErrors May 20, 2016
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