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A guy who has gotten too carried away with a girl's idea of romance. He looks at her like a fragile flower and barely dares to touch her because he's too afraid to crush her, and he writes a lot of poems and serenades for his woman. While many girls find this romantic, the rest of the women with sense in their heads finds this annoying and plain sappy, not to mention that it's one of the biggest turn-offs in human existence due to the fact that it's so immasculine.

The expression "Feathery Stroker" comes from Marian Keys' book "Anybody out there", where one of the main character's friends tell her about a man that instead of ripping her clothes of, he lay there stroking her carefully as if he was stroking a feather. Her friend on the other hand, experienced it as one of the worst days of her life.
Jaqueline: Ugh, I just had the worst night ever.
Anna: Why?
Jaqueline: I met a Feathery Stroker.
Anna: Really? What happened?
Jaquelina: He was just laying there in my bed, stroking me like a fragile feather, while I was waiting for him to tear my clothes off and fuck me.
Anna: Oh lord, I'm so sorry.
by VuittonCouture January 18, 2012
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