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A Faux Operator embraces all of the appeaeances of a military spec ops dude, without ever having served. They wear: 511 pants, long beards, Oakley’s, and Hats with tear away Velcro flags. They’re usually found at tactical training with a $2000 AR that they don’t know how to load. Their can often be found in their normal habitat, at celebrity firearms classes. They often feel that the instructor’s past bio some how is now part of their resume.
Hey bro, I just went over to thank that secret squirrel looking dude, with the new Sig MCX rifle, for his service. You know, the guy that was talking about Mogadishu all morning. He stuttered a bit, then told me, “he had shin splints in ROTC and he couldn’t enlist.” That dudes not a SEAL, he’s a Faux Operator; I’m gonna steal his $700.00 Eotech and piss in his canteen later.
by P-Biddy June 23, 2018
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