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Newly discovered taxanomic group denoting an organism like no other. Common names include "FatNat" or "FattyNatty". This gentle but giant creature tends to dwell in dark confined spaces in loft conversions with frequent ventures into daylight hours in an attempt to scavange scraps from "the treat shelf".

This extrodinary species can be distinctly identified with the cunning camoflauge technique of a birghtly coloured string like band around the waist for a inconspicious image. If you happen to come into contact with one of these rare and touching creatures do not judge too quickly as this is a big creature with a big heart.
"Eat breakfast like a Fatus natus, Lunch like a Fatus natus and dinner like a Fatus natus."

Fatus natus: "Health food makes me sick. Is 375g enough for one portion?."

"Its important to search for treats on a full stomach. I will need to energy to see my through."

"Money can't buy you love. But Mcdonalds can."

Scales: 23.4 stone. I am officially a Fatus natus.
by Food1 May 21, 2010
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