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Not just a knob-head, but a fat one at that. This type of person can be identified by loud, agressive behaviour in public, aswell general selfishness and disregard towards others.

Said term would also be used against a large fellow the user took an imediate disliking to.
Guy 1: Fatty Knob-head over there is looking at me funny.

Guy 2: Thats because you've got aids and smell of shit...

Guy 1: Yeah but still, he shouldnt make it so obvious.

Guy 1: That knob-head over there just bumped into causing me to spill this refreshing alcholic beverage, I will now have to ask him to apologise before finding myself another form of chilled mind-altering liquid.

Guy 2: He is quite a large unit though Eddie, I would aproach with extreme caution and without the intention of starting a comotion...

Guy 1: I suppose you are right Jack, still, what a Fatty Knob-head
by Captain Sheep February 13, 2007
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