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An obese caucasian male who considers himself part of a clic a.k.a. "We'm" whom consistently borrows money from in debt individuals that are never paid back on promised date. One who gossips about sleeping with some attractive latino women, but in actuality doesn't. No matter where you see or hear about him, he's always chowing down on some Wendy's or McDonalds. Has a Shrek-a-like shapped body where his back is well over 36 inches in diameter and everlastingly mis-matches undershirt, shoes, and belt with outfit.
Phone Call
Dale: "Hello"
Fred: "Yo FatBoy Face-Off what you eating".
Bart: Yo man so what's the deal".
Art: I dunno man what's the deal".
Bart: " Face-off Face-Off".
Sam: "Wuz good fatboy".
Nick: "Man I don't appreciate it you calling that".
Sam: "Why man".
Nick: "Cuz I Know I'm fat So you know".
Sam: "Shut up bitch".

Nick Argues

Sam: " Shut the fuck up Fatboy-Faceoff".
by Rich1487 September 14, 2006
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