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Fatality James also known as Beezlebub Pk is the greatest Runescape leader to ever lead a Runescape Clan. Originating from the Filiayano Mtn. Range Fatality James learned ancient techniques from his busha master in the temple of Addy. It is said that the day Fatality James unites his power with the other chosen ones that Runescape clans as we know it could become the ultimate alliance. Fatality James' enemies are known to be mysterious assasins known as foe's, they challenge his authority and disrespect his intelligence. It is quite certain that Fatality James controls the Runescape world as we know it, and without Fatality James the Foe's would likely defeat everything known to be real.
Everytime I wake up in the morning all I think about is Fatality James and my thankfullness for his Beezlebub Pk Charge.
by ptalbet October 27, 2008
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