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1. (Recreational drug) A pill of ampethamin/ectasy/speed (or other drugs that are used as stimulants) taken on the way to a party or during a car trip , often expecting it to kick in when you get there.

2. (noun) A girl you pick up on the side of the road and fuck in your car on a parking by the freeway before you go back on your way. Also, the fact of having sex with a female hitchiker you picked up. Also the fact of fucking a prostitute in a hurry on your way to something.

3. (music) One fifth of the famous Belgian band Fastlane Candies
1) Dude, we should drop some fastlane candies before we go cause I'm pretty sure Steve's party's totally gonna blow if i'm not on something.

2) Steve was like three hours late at A.S.U cause he scored the hottest fastlane candy on his way to Boone. Looks like this guys sure knows how to "give you a ride"!

3) Fastlane Candies are touring everywhere this summer, I so want to catch them live in Paris!
by NeonJelly June 06, 2011
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