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Something that sounds accurate and "right," but is actually and literally wrong or incorrect; something that sounds good on paper, but just doesn't work out in reality.
John: blah blah blah, blah blah blah.... (preaching about the wisdom and teachings of buddhism)
Tyler: Wow, John. That is some fascinating bullshit. Now, have you ever heard of Jesus Christ?


Jessica: Tantra is so much deeper than just sex, although that's a perk ;) It's actually the opportunity to find yourself and develop your soul. Not to mention connect with the universe and feel and give love!

Ted: Wow, Jessica. I see what you're saying. That is some fascinating bullshit. Now, why don't you try two things: reading a bible and sexual morality. Tantra is yoga. Yoga is centered on allowing your spirit to interact with false idols, usually associated with each chakra. Tantra is that plus sexual immority. Orgies aren't a spiritual exercise, orgies are immoral and make us no better than bonobos, aka MONKEYS. Stick to the word of God if you want the truth (bible).
by Fascinating Bullshit June 20, 2011
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