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Fart Absorption Ratio or F.A.R.

The number of farts until an object has absorbed its maximum volume or amount of methane. At such a point the object then begins to release the trapped methane(Farts) whenever it is disturbed. Now this generally only applies to furniture, but can also be applied to other items such as carpet or clothing. In all reality this term applies to any object that can absorb gaseous emissions.
Jimmy new he had pushed the chair past its Fart Absorption Ratio when he could no longer sit down without it emiting past odors. It was now time to buy a new chair.

After maxing out her coats F.A.R. by accidentally farting on it. Kelly wondered if she really wanted to hug Jack.

John gasped for air as his lung reached their Fart Absorption Ratio.
by Captain Ahabs March 13, 2010
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