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British school girls that are extreemly well liked. Farnbrough Hill Girls are very sexy and beutiful. However, they are not slags at all, infact they are extreemly intelligant and hard working but know how to party. If you're not a Farnborough Hill girl, you'll want to be! :)
'Damn I wish I was a girl, then I could go to Farnborough Hill!'

'Those girls are so sexy, but not slagy! They must be Farnborough Hill'

Dude 1:'My girlfriend is a Farnborough Hill Girl!'
Dude 2:'lucky!'
by I<3FarnboroughHill January 07, 2011
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A posh wannabe slag who thinks that they're the shit and is forced to dress and act like a nun. A Farnborough Hill girl wants to be to be cool, but in reality they are cringy motherfuckers that repel guys and make chavs throw up.
"Oh them girls are well mank! Must be from Farnborough Hill"
"Those Farnborough Hill girls are trying to act like roadmen but in reality they eknte their feet touch the ground"
by Your mum's dog September 21, 2017
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