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When it's just you against the goalie on FIFA, and instead of taking it past him and/or shooting like a real man would, you pass along the box to a team mate, so you have an empty net to aim into.

This is considered the lowest of the low, with only yella bellied cowards attempting this.

Acts like this are usually followed by acts of rage from the person who was scored upon, while the person who scored it will usually try to cover it up with excuses like: "It was a triple ground cross" *cough*leo deery*cough*
A great, evenly matched game is taking place. The score is 0-0, with 1 minute to go. Player one gets through on goal, the keeper rushes forward, and the guy passes to a team mate, kills the whole game, and scores a gay tap in Fanny Pass
by BIONICxSHADOW July 06, 2011
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