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(noun) an individual undergoing an unhealthy obsession with a fandom in which his/her top priority in life is to consume and/or produce fanworks that refer to the fandom in focus, often without much regard to the fanwork's actual relevance.
When using this term, replace "fandom" in "fandom trash" with the actual fandom.

(1) Some Sonic trash on tumblr is passing around some pokemon crossover comic drawn with crayola crayons.

(2) I am Homestuck trash. I like to maintain this reputation by blogging about the comic all day and never actually leaving my house.
by FishLemonade January 05, 2015
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Someone who describes themselves as fandom trash often read fanfiction or fanfic fandom trashes often ship and are usually fans of the same/similar things as everything else they are fans of.
“Oh my gosh, is that a fanfic?”
“Yeah, I’m such a fandom trash!”
by cinnxm0n October 10, 2018
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