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n. A local restaurant located in and around Roanoke, VA.

Possibly the worst place to work or eat in the history of mankind. Employees will randomly place pubes on the hamburgers for no reason (of course, it'll make sense in their mind. They'll say, "oh it's a police officer" or "oh that guy looks like a minister"). They recycle the pickles that customers leave on their plate after the customers have left.

Avoid eating here. Choose Denny's or even McDonald's over this place.
Guy1: Dude where should we eat?
Guy2: Let's go to Famous Anthony's! I heard they remodeled!
Guy1: No. I just lost my appetite. I think I'd rather eat a garbage truck then go to that place.
Guy2: Oh yea, I forgot. I must have been intrigued by the ads which make many empty promises.
Guy1: Yep, that's Famous Anthony's for ya.
by aReliableSource February 12, 2011
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