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What some might define as an 'alter ego' except for the fact that the person is aware of the change between their usual and abnormal selves.
When someone is trying to impress a certain group of people, they may snap out their falter ego and put on a show to make those people think they're cool by their standards, when really they're just posing.
Gill: "Oh my gosh, I heard you and Bob broke up!"
Jen: "Yeah, he had a falter ego."
Gill: "Pardon me?"
Jen: "He'd act one way around me and my friends so that we'd like him, but then become his true self around all his buddies. I didn't like the real him, and the fact that he tried to hide it with a falter ego is worse."
Gill: "Well, good for you!"
by Thoor Tayret June 06, 2009
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