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A growing epidemic that causes males to believe they have been "friend zoned" by girls they are acquainted with, yet they have never approached the girl in a manner of creating a sexual or emotional relationship. The disease stems from a lack of confidence in oneself, thus causing one to create the social construct of "friend zoning" to cope with their feeling of inferiority and lack of ability to ask a girl how she truly feels.
Infected: "Dude I totally got friend zoned the other day. It sucks so hard. Ughh forever alone."
Friend: "Sorry to hear she rejected you..."
Infected: "She didn't I just know she doesn't want me."
Friend: "Oh god...get away! What are you?!"
Epidemiologist: "Yes a perfect example of False Friend Zone Syndrome (FFZS)."
by Jimmithy Jimmers January 18, 2012
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