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a girl that a guy will always go back to after he is done with his current infatuation. she gets labeled the fallback chick cause she will most likely take him back every time. she may or may not be aware that she is his fallback. she may think she's his main girl while he does his dirt behind her back. or he keeps her around so when females find out he's a dog he will still always have that one chick to show him love.
Guy1: What's good with shorty?

Guy2: She was iight, i'm chill'n with her later but if she don't give it up i'm calling 'Tasha'.

Guy1: Damn, she been taking your ass back for a long ass minute.

Guy2: She my fallback chick dog, she'll always pick up that call for me.
by UrbanShortyRoc July 12, 2009
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